From November 2015, Virtual Reality 4 Porn provides you with quality reviews of the best POV videos. We select them from the most famous adult sites. Each review comes with a free VR porn streaming video that you could watch on a classic screen. But the best is to use a VR headset such as a Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PSVR. From this page you could access the latest reviews. But don't forget to use our menu to sort them by site or by pornstar name. We hope our site will help you choosing the VR site which matches the best what you're looking for. Don't forget that as a member you will be able to access better quality videos up to Ultra HD 4k. Many sites will also offer you to download them. Don't hesitate to contact us on our Twitter account if you have any questions.
If you are looking for a place where to fuck sexy girls for free, you're on the right page. Of course, you will only have sex with them in virtual reality. But trust me, when you're surrounded by beautiful and gorgeous pornstars, you forget it isn't real. If you have never watched a VR porn video, we advice you to test it with a smartphone and a Google Cardboard first. Then, if you could afford a Samsung S7, it's currently the best solution on the smartphone category. Naturally, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will offer you to watch 4k porn videos but these two VR headsets are much more expensive. The PSVR is still new for such an use but it seems real 3D players are coming on this device. We hope you will love watching our free VR porn teasers and that we will have helped you finding the better VR porn site to join for your taste.

Oculus Rift
With a 4k resolution, 3840 x 1920, the Oculus Rift is surely one of the best solution to watch VR porn video if you could afford it. The files offered by the adult sites for the Oculus Rift are usually the ones with the best bitrate. High resolution and high bitrate will enhance your immersion with the girls. To play the videos on your Oculus Rift, you will need AutoplayVR (available on their site) or Virtual Desktop (available on Steam).
HTC Vive
VR porn files for HTC Vive are usually the same than the one made for the Oculus Rift. But because it will also offer you to play to some of the best 360 degrees VR games, the HTC Vive is the device we prefer. With the largest games library and the best resolution available, we could only advice you to choose this headset to enjoy the virtual reality world if you could afford it. You will also need AutoplayVR or Virtual Desktop to play VR porn videos on your HTC Vive.
Samsung Gear VR
If you own a S6, S7 or the new S8 model, the Gear VR is the easiest way to watch VR porn videos. No need to be close from your computer, you could sit on your couch or lay down on your bed to get immerse with the most beautiful pornstars. I personnaly use the AAA VR Cinema application to play the videos on my Samsung. Even if the resolution is smaller than the one for Oculus or Vive (2880 x 1440), the experience is still a great one at a reasonable price.
Google Cardboard & Other Smartphones
If you own other smartphones, the Google Cardboard is the cheaper way to watch VR porn video. There's also hundreds other headsets to put your smartphone in available on the market. If you own an iPhone you will need the iPhone_MobileVR app. If you own an Android, you will need the FreeVRPlayer app from the Play Store. For such phones, you will have to use lower resolution videos, usually 1920 x 960 one.
Playstation VR
From a few months, the new PSVR headset offers you to watch VR porn video too. Keep care, not all adult sites provide files dedicated to the PSVR. So check out their teasers first before joining. To play a real VR video on your PSVR headset, you will need to install the Littlstar app from the PlayStation Store. So if you're a Sony gamer for years, purchasing the PSVR is the better solution for you. Video resolution is 1920 x 960 too.